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Enrollment Management positions are seeing growth nationwide as the year progresses. Attend the 2021 SEM Conference to prepare your institution and advance your personal career planning goals at the same time.

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female students smiling and gesturing with her hand while studying with other students

Mobilizing the Power of Peers

Nov 1, 2021

See how Pacific University implemented its peer mentorship program to enhance the student experience.

grey building with large marble columns visible in the background and a statue of a bearded man in a cloth stroking his chin as though deep in thought

SEM Session Highlight - What is an Educated Person? Making the Case for Liberal Arts Learning

Oct 18, 2021

Presenter Anne Thurmer outlines her upcoming presentation at the SEM 2021 Conference in November.

female scientist running up staircase supported by pencils, books, rules, and upward line graphs

SEM 2021 Session Highlight | From Financial Aid Director to Enrollment Manager

Sep 20, 2021

Making the Transition from Financial Aid Director to Enrollment Manager at #SEM2021

Illustrated hand reaching for a red gem hidden in a crevasse.

SEM 2021 Session Highlight | Accessing Hidden Gems: Discovering Top Students in US Public Schools

Sep 7, 2021

Read about our upcoming SEM 2021 Session - Accessing Hidden Gems: Discovering Top Students in US Public Schools

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