Registering Other Attendees

Follow the steps below to register for an AACRAO Meeting or Training on behalf of a colleague.
Note: You may only purchase tickets for one attendee at a time.
Before Beginning the Registration Process
  1. Ensure you have an AACRAO user account.
    If you do not have an account, create one.
    If you cannot remember your password, contact AACRAO membership to rest it.

  3. With your AACRAO user account information on hand, use the purple button to the right to visit the registration page and click the blue Register Now button.
Registration Instructions
  1. From the registration tickets page, select the conference and/or pre-conference workshop tickets you wish to purchase on behalf of another attendee and click the Continue button to proceed to the attendee information form.

  3. From the attendee information window, on the left side you will see each of the ticket items you selected on the previous page with your name listed directly beneath the ticket type. On the right side you will see a form with your name populated in the Attendee field, and you will need to update that field to reflect the name of the attendee you wish to register.
    • First, remove your name from the Attendee field by clicking the circled X on the right side of that field.

    • Next, search for the colleague you wish to register by typing their name in the Attendee field. Any matching entries will begin to show up as you type.

    • If no match is found, you can add the attendee by clicking the +Add link to enter them into the registration system.

    • Once you have selected or added the attendee, you may click the Continue button to proceed.

  5. If you only have one ticket type, clicking Continue will take you directly to the checkout page, but on orders with multiple ticket types, such as pre-conference workshops, clicking Continue will take you to the next ticket type where you will need to update the attendee information as you did in the previous step.

  7. From the checkout page, enter your payment details and click Process Payment to complete the registration purchase. After the purchase is complete, you will receive a receipt email, and the attendee you registered will receive a confirmation email.