Trifecta Overview on Leveraging Staff and Resource Shortages for Maximum Gains

October 19, 2022

1:00 - 2:00 P.M.

We’ve heard it said in business courses and professional workshops: “Don’t call it a problem…see it as an opportunity!” That may be true, but talk can be cheap—and let’s face it, not many things are cheap these days. When it comes to being stuck in old methods and suffering staff and resource shortages, there is no magic phrase to solve it all (though we might wish there was!). This webinar will give a sneak peek to the 3-part series in the upcoming SEM Conference on how to strategically do more with less, effectively “fight” for new positions and/or resources, and when having done all, to leverage and innovate not just for short-term wins, but true, long-lasting org-wide change.




Photograph of David Paltza

David Paltza

Community and Content Facilitator-AACRAO

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