In Their Own Words: Perceptions of Training Needs Among and Between Professional Employee Levels

April 28, 2021

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Almost 1,000 individuals responded to AACRAO’s invitations to share what they personally want in terms of professional development and training (PD&T) and what they think that others need for PD&T by position level.  PD&T interests were gathered with open-ended responses and tied to AACRAO’s core competencies and professional proficiencies. Among other specifics, we found that senior leadership and managers agree on the top five AACRAO core competency training needs for front-line staff. However, front-line staff did not agree with the assessment of senior leadership and managers in a number of areas.

In this webinar we will discuss how perceived training needs and wants differ among and between groups of front-line staff, managers, and senior leadership.  We will also share the other PD&T interest areas gleaned from open-ended responses. We will hear insights from an institutional senior leader  about opportunities and challenges around PD&T on their campus. Finally, we will offer suggestions for  how AACRAO, InsideTrack, and others can help you deliver the training needed and desired at your institution.

This research has been sponsored by InsideTrack.

About InsideTrack: InsideTrack is passionate about student success. We partner with institutions and organizations to improve enrollment, persistence, completion and career  readiness. Our student support methodology uncovers first hand feedback about student goals and challenges. Through strategic guidance, staff training and student coaching, we help  institutions turn this feedback into actionable insights that drive better student outcomes. As a nonprofit member of the Strada Education Network, we offer partners access to a comprehensive range of student success solutions as well as the latest research and insights on student success. We’ve supported more than 2 million students since 2001 and currently serve over 4,000 programs. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn @InsideTrack



Dr. Wendy Kilgore

Director of Research, AACRAO

Dr. Robert S. Hornberger

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Services at Missouri State

Steve Ast

Senior Vice President of Partner Success at InsideTrack

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