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What Our Members Say About EDGE

"AACRAO Edge is a resource I access daily in evaluating international educational credentials. The online platform has proven to be essential to allow for ongoing credential evaluation, whether you are working remotely from home or in your office. Country profiles and sample documents are regularly updated and made readily available. I would highly recommend purchasing this resource if you are evaluating foreign educational credentials."

– Karee Head, International Admissions Specialist, University of Idaho

"As a recently anointed “Senior” level international credential evaluator with ACEI, I have found EDGE an incredibly helpful resource. The EDGE country profile overviews and credential advice have been instrumental in my training. I refer to EDGE frequently and find the information I need. Also, the PDF versions of the print publications of World Education Series are a plus for anyone who doesn’t have access to them. Though at ACEI we have the print publications, it’s nice to know that digital copies are available which come in handy especially now when we are working remotely and don’t have access to the physical library at our office."

– Yaixa Rodriguez, Senior International Credential Evaluator, Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc.

"I joined the credentialing world in 2015 and AACRAO Edge, from day one, has been essential to my work in a variety of ways from developing institutional policy to training staff for consistent credential practices. Evaluating foreign credentials is complex, multifaceted, and at times can make one feel as though they are a detective searching for clues to a puzzle. AACRAO Edge lends assistance in this process by providing guidelines and support that help professionals connect all the puzzle pieces together."

– Amanda Holder, Assistant Director of International Graduate Admissions, IUPUI

Ukraine Glossary

  1. Akademia academy
  2. Aspirantura 3 year period of guided research
  3. Atestat matriculation certificate
  4. Baccalaureatus Bachelor's degree
  5. Dissertatsiya thesis
  6. Doktor nauk Doctor of Sciences
  7. Dyplom Molodshogo Spetsialista Junior Specialist Diploma
  8. Dyplom Bakalavra Baccalaureate Diploma
  9. Dyplom Spetsialista Specialist Diploma
  10. Dyplom Magistra Master’s Diploma
  11. Gimnazia upper secondary special school
  12. Instytut institute
  13. Internatura internship, sometimes associated with Master’s level programs
  14. Kandydat nauk Candidate of Science, PhD
  15. Konservatoria conservatoire
  16. Koledge college
  17. Licei upper secondary special school
  18. Osnowna serednia shkola lower secondary school
  19. Starsha serednia shkola upper secondary school
  20. Swidoctwo Pro Nepownu Seredniu Oswitu Lower Secondary School Leaving Certificate
  21. Technikum vocational secondary school
  22. Uchilishche specialized secondary school
  23. Uniwersytet university

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