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The final results of the Croatia state graduation exam in 2020/21 have been released

Sep 24, 2021, 14:42 PM
The final results of the state graduation exam were announced today at noon, and graduates can see them in the Become a Student system.
Title : The final results of the Croatia state graduation exam in 2020/21 have been released
Source : Srednja
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The original article requires translation. 

After the announcement of the premature matura results and the end of the deadlines for filing objections to the exam scoring, the final results of the state matura were announced this Wednesday at noon. An analysis of the results will be presented at the National Center for External Evaluation at 1 pm, and you will be able to follow the press conference live on the Facebook page of the portal.

Recall, the pass thresholds for each subject were published on the same day as the early graduation results, and you can find them at the link .

After 3 pm, the final enrollment rankings are released

When it comes to applications for study programs, changes to the priority lists are possible until 13:59. This, according to the Central Registration Office, includes:

applications for enrollment in study programs, and relate to study programs that do not have an earlier application deadline,

changes in the priorities of study programs,

deleting study programs that candidates would in no case want to enroll in, even when they would exercise the right to enroll.

After 15:00, the final ranking lists for enrollment in study programs at higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia in the summer enrollment period will be published.

- If the candidate is ready to enroll any of the registered studies from the list of priorities, then no study program should be deleted. It is crucial to arrange the list of priorities according to the wishes of studying, so that the study program that you want to enroll in the first place is put in the first place, and so on in order of lower priorities. Please note that each candidate can be within the quota of several selected study programs, but the right to enroll can be exercised only for one study program, next to which will write the word YES and be assigned an enrollment number, said the Central Application Office.

Applications for the autumn graduation deadline start on Friday

After assigning the enrollment number to graduates, there is still time to enroll in the study, and the deadlines and method of enrollment are determined by the universities themselves, so future freshmen should study the information published on the website of the faculty they 'applied for'.

These days, the number of vacancies for the autumn enrollment deadline will be announced, but it should be emphasized that the faculties may decide not to conduct enrollment within that deadline. Applications for the Matura exam in the autumn term start on Friday, July 23, the first results will be announced on September 8, and the final on September 15.

The first exams in the autumn term next year are written on August 18 and they are French and Religious Education. The English language is written on August 23, Mathematics two days later, the Croatian language test on August 30, and the essay on August 31, 2021. You can study the graduation calendar in the autumn term at the link .

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