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Minister of Education ignores increase in cases of Covid-19 and defends return of face-to-face classes

Mar 26, 2021, 10:19 AM
The Ministry of Education declared that schools must return to face-to-face activities in educational institutions, despite increased cases of Covid-19 in the country. Many are at odds with the government as the government wants schools to have face-to-face, but ends up leaving a gap in the guidelines for states and municipalities.
Title : Minister of Education ignores increase in cases of Covid-19 and defends return of face-to-face classes
Source : O Norte
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Even in a pandemic situation that the country is experiencing and the increase in cases of the new coronavirus in some states, the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro , declared that he defends the return of face-to-face activities in educational institutions . However, it is worth remembering that the final decision to return to school depends on regional authorities, mayors and governors.

In a dialogue with President Jair Bolsonaro, Milton Ribeiro was incisive in his decision and gave statements about the possibility of sending money for the return of classes. During the conversation, Bolsonaro asked more than once about the return of face-to-face activities

“Of course I defend it, but it doesn't depend on us. As the STF decided, this is in the hands of mayors and governors. We will take all care ... ” , replied the minister.

Milton Ribeiro's statement is due to the decision of the Supreme Federal Court on the autonomy of mayors and governors regarding restrictive measures in the fight against Covid-19.

During the live, Bolsonaro cited distance education and the difficulty of parents and guardians to fulfill their hours at home, citing a personal example, daughter Laura, 10 years old:

“Look, everyone wants the good of our children. I have a ten-year-old daughter, she studies here in Brasilia, she is at home, she is having distance education, her mother enforces, there is no conversation. But a large part of the kids, parents cannot charge their children for this. We are losing a lot in education, Brazil loses. ”

Milton Ribeiro also stated that the defense of return is sustained based on biosafety protocols and the opinions of health professionals. During the speech, the Minister mentioned that the amount spent on the standards was R $ 80 thousand:

“… We even wrote biosafety protocols, listened to doctors, to return carefully, and we sent them to each school, which is important, practically R $ 80,000, prorated, some more and others less, because there are 117,000 public schools.”

In October, the Ministry of Education announced rules and guidelines to guide the process back to school. Among the main norms, are the screening between students and professionals, separation of people analyzing risk groups and recommendation by level of contamination.

The article requires translation.

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