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Zero enrollment will benefit students of the National University in Colombia

December 20, 2021

Original Article:

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Students of the National University of Colombia (UNAL) will benefit from the strategy of gradualism in the gratuitousness that gives access to public higher education to young people in conditions of socioeconomic vulnerability of strata 1, 2 and 3 and without stratification.

Some of the conditions to access this benefit are to be Colombian, to be enrolled for the academic period 2021-II in an undergraduate program at UNAL, to have reported the socioeconomic stratum of the family unit before July 31, 2021, be reported by the university in the SNIES, and be included in the enrollment certification.

This strategy will cover more than 695,000 students in the 63 public HEIs in the country -including UNAL-, during the academic period 2021-II, and the national government will assume the payment of student tuition, that is, after applying the discounts to which the student is entitled and not including the concepts of systematization, welfare and student insurance. Likewise, it will not cover additional amounts due to lateness or extraordinary enrollment.

Interested students should not have a university professional degree, and if they are studying two or more undergraduate programs in public universities, they will have to report on which IES they want to receive the benefit, to exclude the other (s).

The Zero Enrollment strategy will be financed with funds from the Generation E programs, the Solidarity Fund for Education and resources voluntarily contributed by the governments and mayors that complement the strategy for the second semester of 2021.

According to the Ministry of National Education, the applicant or beneficiary student must provide UNAL with all the information and documentation required for access to the Zero Enrollment strategy , and know and comply with the current university statutes, in addition to providing truthful information to determine your socioeconomic status.

Likewise, you must inform UNAL in a timely manner if you are enrolled in another public institution and always go first to UNAL for the clarity required regarding access and the results of the implementation of the strategy.

You will also have to bear the costs of other pecuniary rights different from the registration fees. In the case of UNAL, systematization, welfare and student insurance.

For more information, those interested should consult the Operational Guide for the Zero Enrollment strategy on the website of the Ministry of Education.

Likewise, to resolve doubts about the Ser Pilo Paga and Generación E programs, UNAL students can contact the University Welfare directorates at their headquarters, and for clarifications regarding the issuance and settlement of payment receipts, through the National Directorate of Academic Information and the registration areas of its headquarters.


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