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Ukraine final exams were canceled, the number of applications for a contract was limited

June 08, 2021

Original Article:

State final certification (GIA, DPA) 2021: who was exempted from it 

Usually, the final state certification in Ukraine is required for schoolchildren completing the stage of primary education (in grade 4), basic secondary (in grade 9) and complete general secondary education (in grade 11). Also, the GIA is provided for applicants for professional (vocational) education.

However, due to the large-scale third wave of COVID-19 in Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science in March exempted students in grades 4 and 9 from school exams (GIA) . Their educational credentials will be labeled “exempt / exempt ”. The Ministry of Education said that such a decision would "contribute to the orderly completion of the school year" by the students of these classes - in the context of the spread of COVID-19 and the operation of the emergency regime on the territory of Ukraine.

And on April 13, the Verkhovna Rada, with the same motivation, released 11th grade students from the State Academy of Arts . Graduates of 2021 who complete a complete general secondary education are not required to undergo state certification, but will have a choice:

  • enroll the annual assessment as the final attestation ( if the student is satisfied with the assessment);
  • of their own free will pass the GIA ( exam at their own educational institution);
  • hand over the STA in the form of VNO.

These options will depend on whether the graduate plans to go to college. If yes, he is obliged to pass the VNO within the established time frame in accordance with the testing regulations. If not, he can receive a certificate of complete general secondary education even without passing the EIT and state certification.

According to the chairman of the parliamentary committee on education and science, Sergei Babak, in a pandemic, this will reduce the load on testing sites by about 15-18%. And, accordingly, it will reduce the risks to the health of children and employees of testing centers during the UPE.

A similar practice was applied in Ukraine last year.

Have the dates for UPE 2021 changed? What's his schedule?

No, as long as the dates for UPE 2021 remain unchanged. These are its most important stages in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education.

Registration for participation in the UPE has already passed - it lasted from February 1 to March 5, 2021.

Until April 30, 2021, registered participants will be able to download pass invitations from their information pages, which will indicate the time and place of testing.

The main session of the UPE will begin on May 21, the testing schedule is as follows:

May 21 - testing in chemistry;

May 24 - testing in Spanish, German, French;

May 25 - in English;

May 28 - in mathematics;

June 1 - in the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian language and literature;

June 4 - on the history of Ukraine;

June 7 - physics;

June 10 - biology;

June 15 - testing in geography.

Until June 30, information on the results of the main session of the UPE in all academic subjects will be posted on the information pages of the test participants:

before June 4 - results in chemistry;

before June 18 - results in foreign languages;

until June 22 - mathematics;

until June 25 - Ukrainian language, Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine, biology;

until June 30 - geography results.


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