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The educational community demands more investment and security against Covid in the classrooms

November 04, 2020

Original Article:

"Without investment there is no security." "Lowering of ratios and increasing workforce". The slogans that could be seen on a couple of banners in the demonstration called during the educational strike day this Friday synthesized the demands that have caused teachers, students, families and the educational community as a whole to have starred in a protest on this day to demand more material and human resources in the course that has just begun marked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A great storm unloaded in the capital as a prelude to the start of the demonstration on the Bulevar Gran Capitán, although it did not lessen the spirits of those who, defeating the rain, had decided to go to the protest, called by the unions CCOO, Ustea, CGT, CNT, the Student Front and FAPA Ágora. "For a safe presence". "Without presence, there is no education," read other slogans of the participants to point out that opening classrooms to students and teachers in a pandemic requires prevention measures and these measures involve guaranteeing the safety distance by lowering the ratio in classes, with more teachers to be able to unfold the courses.

"The situation in the centers is unsustainable," denounced the CCOO spokesperson at the demonstration, Eva Rodríguez. "It is a shame what we are seeing in the centers", to qualify as "mousetraps and slaughterhouses" the classrooms where, if the measures are not adequate, they can become "a way of community transmission of the virus." "All security issues have been delegated to the centers," he said to accuse the Board of Education Council of not making the necessary investment and maintaining "huge ratios."

(This article needs translation.)

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