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New measures for the organization of the baccalaureate

January 11, 2021

Original Article:

While the 2020 section of the baccalaureate resulted in a marked increase in success rate (from 26.56% in 2019 to 34.42% this year), and this in a difficult context marked by the coronavirus pandemic, the government has just announced new measures relating to the organization of the 2021 session of this review during the Council of Ministers on October 2.

Thus, with a view to greater efficiency and in view of the need to meet international requirements and the dizzying increase in needs induced by an exponential increase in the number of candidates, the government announced the design and implementation immediate reforms to be taken into account in the preparations for the 2021 session.

Among these reforms is the digitization of candidate registration; the elimination of the second group to optimize the organization, the shortening of the duration of the session and the direct drafting of eligible candidates as well as the creation of copy correction centers within the country to limit the travel of members of the juries .

With a literacy rate of 29%, Niger is one of the countries with the most illiterates in the world. The government has since multiplied numerous initiatives in favor of schooling.

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