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More than 148,000 Portugal students enrolled for high school exams

July 21, 2022

Original Article:

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This year, there are more than 148,000 students enrolled in the exams - three less than last year and the majority (57%) answered in the registration forms that they will not be candidates for Higher Education. In comparison, last year, the percentage of those who wanted to apply was 59% of the total number of applicants - 90,141, 26,416 more than the 63,725 (43%) this year.

The 11th and 12th graders who are going to take exams this year, remember, finish classes on Tuesday, the 7th, just like the 9th graders who are going to take diagnostic tests in Portuguese and Mathematics. .

According to statistical data from the National Examination Jury, released yesterday by the Ministry of Education, the number of those who will take at least one exam to try to improve their grade in last year's test or in the internal classification of the discipline has almost doubled. , from 17626 to 31912 (which this year represents 21% of the total number of subscribers when in 2021 it was 12%).

The number of students who will only take exams for access to Higher Education is almost 110 thousand (74% of the total enrolled, in 2021 it was 81%).

Scheme review

This year, remember, the same rules applied to exams since 2020 are maintained. That is, the tests do not count towards the secondary average, but only for admission to Higher Education. And the tests have a range of optional questions where only the best ones count towards the classification.

The Government's program opens the door to the revision of the access regime by providing for the possibility of separating the completion of Secondary from entry to Superior. The National Commission for Access to Higher Education has not yet been asked for an opinion on this new model. "This review process has not yet begun", confirmed the president of CNAES, Fontainhas Fernandes.

The Minister of Education admitted, in an interview with Expresso, that he was considering making the model that has been applied definitive. The inflation of grades has to be taken care of, underlined João Costa. "The good news is that in these two years we have not seen deviant behavior", he stressed.

Tests with the most subscribers

The exams with the most enrolled students remain: Portuguese and Mathematics A (from 12.), Biology and Geology and Physics and Chemistry (11.). The four tests register a loss of enrollment in relation to last year. For example, Mathematics A has 12,369 fewer enrolled than in 2021. And Portuguese, there are around 10,000 fewer students.

The first exam season starts on June 17th with three tests in Portuguese for the 12th grade and one for Mandarin for the 11th grade. The first phase ends on June 6th with Descriptive Geometry and History B. Mathematics A is scheduled for June 30th, Biology for the 21st and Physics and Chemistry for the 27th. The agendas are posted on July 19th.


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