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Ministry of National Education opens a Call for Higher Education Institutions to strengthen their capacities and quality educational offer

December 17, 2021

Original Article:

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In order to promote a relevant and quality educational offer in accordance with the needs of the territories, the Ministry of Education opens a call addressed to Higher Education Institutions (IES) in order to strengthen their technical capabilities to promote the design and updating of academic programs based on qualifications and in connection with the National Qualifications Framework.

By virtue of the provisions of the National Development Plan 2018-2022 "Pact for Colombia, Pact for Equity", the National Government has been making progress within the framework of the objective "Alliance for the quality and relevance of education and training of human talent "in the consolidation of the National Qualifications System (SNC), to promote the policies, instruments, components and processes necessary to align education and training to the social and productive needs of the country and that promotes the recognition of learning obtained throughout life, personal and professional development of citizens and job placement or reintegration.

In this sense, the National Qualifications Framework, hereinafter (MNC), as a component of the SNC, contributes to the development and strengthening of human talent, mobility and educational, training and labor progression, closing human talent gaps according to the needs of the territories and economic sectors, as well as the training expectations of the country's youth.

Currently, the MNC has 10 qualifications catalogs with information on 14 sectors of the economy, human capital gaps and the design of 193 qualifications, which become a tool that contributes to HEIs in the renewal of their offer educational strengthening its quality and relevance and identifying the learning that graduates of an academic program are expected to achieve.

Through a process of accompaniment and advice provided by the Ministry of Education, HEIs will be able to know and appropriate the qualifications catalogs and thus advance in strengthening the relevance of the educational offer in the face of the challenges of productive, labor and social development. in their regions of influence. The support provides for the design of at least one program and will generate an experience that can be replicated internally in each Institution.

Therefore, the Ministry of Education invites public and private HEIs to participate in the "Call for the promotion of offer based on qualifications 2021" to give continuity to the accompaniment process, which this year will benefit 30 institutions. Applications will be received between August 23 and September 6.

On September 13, the list of the selected institutions that will receive support from the Ministry from September to November 2021 through a structured route consisting of four training workshops will be published on , counseling sessions, feedback, participation in the knowledge network and access to the virtual learning platform.

With this support, HEIs will have the opportunity to strengthen technical and methodological capacities to design and update educational programs based on the sectoral qualifications catalogs of the National Qualifications Framework, articulated to the quality conditions of Decree 1330 of 2019. Likewise, The IES will have the opportunity to connect their educational and innovation strategies with the public policy stakes for the strengthening of human capital.


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