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Keys, deadlines and how is the schooling process for the next academic year in Madrid

August 30, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation. 

Some 150,000 families from Madrid will have to choose one of the 2,000 public or subsidized centers in the region. The term has already started and ends on April 23.

But to the doubts that always arise, now they also add if the school is prepared for virtual classes, the number of students per classroom or the covid protocol.

"In the community of Madrid there are very good standards in education," they say from the centers.

"The important thing is the values," says a mother. "The quality and the educational project", says another. "I value the closeness because later they will meet their friends" they acknowledge.

"We want students to go to the school that their families want, whether or not it is in that neighborhood," emphasizes the Madrid Minister of Education, Enrique Ossorio. A high percentage was accepted last year, "94% were able to choose the center last year," he says.

The process started this morning, with a "high influx" of telematic applications, with an offer of up to 182,000 educational places , which represents an increase of 3,925 (2.2%) compared to last year, according to data from the Ministry of Education.

In this way, around 150,000 families from Madrid and 2,000 centers supported by public funds in the region will participate in the admission for the first and second cycles of Early Childhood Education, Primary, Special Education, Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, whose deadline for submitting applications will be open until the next day 23.

As happened last year due to covid-19, families will be able to request their place and do all the steps of the admission process electronically, without having to travel to the center, through various options enabled in the Virtual Secretariat of the Ministry of Education 24 hours a day ( ).

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