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Icfes announces change of date for Saber 11 tests

October 15, 2021

Original Article:

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The Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education (Icfes) announced a change of dates for the presentation of the Saber 11 tests of Calendar A, as well as the Pres Saber and Validants.

The exam was scheduled to be presented on the weekend of August 21. However, the entity made the decision to extend the registration period and therefore the test.

Thus, the new date is the weekend of September 4 and 5, the date on which the three exams will be held.

Monica Ospina Lonfoño, director of Icfes, explained: "We want to invite schools and individuals to complete their registration process on time through the Icfes portal. We have all the conditions and guarantees so that they can take these exams with all the necessary biosafety protocols on the weekend of September 4 and 5 ".

In this way, the collection was also extended until June 9, the date when the deadline for registration ends. Likewise, the extraordinary registration and the collection of these will be between June 14 and 18.

The citations to these tests will be known on August 20, while the publication of the results is scheduled for November 20 for the Tests to know Calendar A, and for November 27 for Pre-Knowledge and Validants.

It should be remembered that the Saber 11 tests are carried out on site with biosafety protocols, while the Pre-Saber, which serve as preparation for the state exam, will be carried out as virtual way and on a different date: September 7 and 9.

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