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Hybrid schooling to continue next academic year in UAE

June 16, 2021

Original Article:

A hybrid model of learning that combines both distance education and in-person classes will continue in the UAE during the next academic year, the Minister of Education has said.

Hussain Al Hammadi said the Ministry of Education (MoE) is also working to launch a support programme to prepare students to return to schools for in-class lessons.

The programme, which will involve guidance and counselling services, is in its final stages and will be launched soon, said Al Hammadi during an interview programme on a local TV channel.

Remote learning was implemented in all schools across the UAE last year as a precautionary measure against the spread of Covid-19.

According to Al Hammadi, education in the future will be hybrid - a mix of smart education through various educational platforms and face-to-face lessons for some subjects.

He explained that a student can get the information or educational materials through remote learning, but they also need to go to school for other skills. These include soft and behavioural skills, teamwork, interactions with their peers, making use of scientific laboratories, and sports.

The minister praised the role played by teachers and school administrators in volunteering outside working hours to help parents and solve technical problems.

“Parents had a great role in the success of the distance learning system. They were keen on attending the educational seminars on how to support their children in the educational process," said Al Hammadi.

Close to 20,000 parents participated in the educational seminars.


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