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Graduation didactic tests are waived for some students of distance, combined or evening study

August 10, 2021

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Graduation didactic tests will not have to be taken by those students of health and social sciences who have distance, evening or combined study. This was stated by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) on his show Chow People on Sunday.

Other students in these fields have received relief before because they work in hospitals or nursing homes due to the covid-19 epidemic. At the same time, the Prime Minister asked all graduates for patience.

Babiš told the students that he was still negotiating with the Minister of Education, Robert Plaga (for YES), about the form of graduations.

"One of the results of our meeting is that the measure that allows students of health and social sciences to recognize the performance of compulsory didactic tests according to the average grade from selected certificates, the Ministry of Education will expand to include students of the same health and social sciences who study other forms of education - long-distance, evening or combined, "said the Prime Minister. He called it "another helpful shift towards those who are now due to graduate."

Due to the coronavirus situation and the long-term closure of schools, the school-leaving examinations will be held in a modified form this year. Graduates will not have to pass oral graduation exams in Czech and a foreign language. They will be able to choose them voluntarily. For graduates who do not work due to the covid-19 epidemic in hospitals or nursing homes, state didactic tests will remain mandatory, but their time will be extended. All graduates will then receive a school-leaving examination in two or three subjects, including a possible practical exam according to the field.

According to Cermat, 70,987 students signed up for state didactic tests this year. Cermat will know how many of them will not pass the tests due to relief due to the covid-19 epidemic. Proof of fulfillment of all conditions can be submitted by May 17

Tests for covid to schools do not have to be strictly just from the front of the nose. But it must be non-invasive
According to the law, state graduation is compulsory in Czech and students choose the second subject between mathematics and a foreign language.

Babiš has previously questioned the need to pass a traditional high school diploma. He came up with the idea of ​​an official high school diploma, ie the fact that this year the high school graduates could have marks on the high school diploma according to the average for their entire high school studies. Minister Plaga and many experts do not agree with the idea. The media speculated that the discrepancy regarding the official graduation is one of the reasons why Babiš Plaga wants to recall. However, in the end the minister remained in office, his stay at the head of the ministry was supported by representatives of universities and school organizations.

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