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Czech Republic Minister of Education statement on high school diplomas and distance education

July 07, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

"Due to extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health against the spread of coronavirus infection and due to the declaration of an emergency, the personal presence of pupils and students in primary, secondary and higher vocational education in schools and school facilities was prohibited.

Pupils are educated at a distance, as in the second half of the school year 2019/2020. However, distance education of pupils cannot fully replace teaching at school, especially in the area of ​​practical teaching. Due to the need to comply with the conditions to prevent the risk of the emergence and spread of COVID-19, final year students have not yet been allowed consultations on school premises, and above all has not started professional training, which is important in combining professional knowledge and skills to demonstrate. or final exam.

For this reason, I repeatedly call on the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Robert Plaga and the Minister of Health Jan Blatný to finally decide on the conditions for opening the final years of schools, and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports immediately determined the date and format of final and graduation exams. It is necessary to adapt the Matura exams and final exams to difficult conditions. Furthermore, it would be appropriate to adjust their specific time schedule and move them to the month of June 2021. Last year's graduation exams took place in a modified form, so we propose a modified form for this year, for example, without didactic tests or written work. It is completely inappropriate for government officials to present the arrangements for the Matura and final examinations as they take place, in the form of proclamatory statements,

The Matura and final exams are the culmination of secondary education, and therefore it is necessary to allow students sufficient space and acceptable conditions for preparation for individual exams. "

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