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Czech Republic Matura and Graduation is approaching

July 21, 2022

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Matura exam - high school scarecrow. You can download questions on the Internet, learn everything in the last week before the exam, not sleep, get stressed and say that you will not do this next time. Subsequently, you will not take the exam, do it with scratched ears, or choose a question that you will be able to do and graduate for "one". In such a case, you will be a supporter of the fact that there is no need to learn to graduate, and everyone can do it. In the second case, however, you want to have peace of mind, you will devote time to ongoing preparation and you will not leave anything at the last minute. In this case, you will not take the test only if you are affected by some current circumstances or enormous stress. 

It is important to realize how much time we actually have to prepare. If we do not count the summer holidays, but only the last year, we have about 9 months - September to May. What we lie about, no one will start preparing in September. Learning all the questions in the first months is also a bit unproductive. Most things you will eventually forget. So it is important to plan everything in advance. It is ideal to make a wall calendar, or write everything down on a blackboard and place it where you see it every day. Thanks to this, you can clearly mark which questions you have prepared, which you already know, which are causing you a problem and so on.

When to start preparing?

It is highly recommended to start compulsory reading during the summer. You will have a lot of time, it is not an unpleasant learning, but at the same time you will fulfill most of the questions in the Czech language. You can also read throughout the graduation year. After reading the book, it's a good idea to write down all the "highlights" from the book. In September, you should have found out more about what will need to be processed. You can't start right away, so September is an adaptation month after the holidays. The rest of the autumn until the winter (October - December) it was necessary to start looking for the developed questions. The real thing here is that preparation is 90% of success. You will never remember everything, so make statements in detail. Of the total 100% of information, you will only get the most important few tens of percent. From February, it is good to start learning the most difficult questions slowly. March, April and the rest of May should be the highest learning intensity. You should already have all the questions properly worked out and only fine-tune any imperfections.

Don't forget the university

In all the hustle and bustle, don't forget the college entrance exams. If SCIO tests are enough for you, it is ideal to register for dates as early as December - the sooner you have it, the better. Learning for these tests is completely individual according to the mastery of the given tasks. Take one or two tests from the Internet in the summer so that you don't see them at the entrance exams for the first time. You can focus your preparation accordingly. There are countless online courses, preparatory courses and the like. Many schools have their entrance exams mostly between January and April. Depending on the difficulty, it is good to start preparing for these entrance exams in the autumn, when you are only compiling your matura questions and you are not in intensive preparation for your matura exam.

Elaboration of questions

You should write the questions really thoroughly. You can only have some topics in points, according to your abilities. Don't be afraid of so many questions. In some subjects you can master most topics from the floor - in English topics such as Food, Sports and the like, in the Czech language after reading the books you don't have to learn much either.

State high school diploma

They will usually prepare you for the state school-leaving examination directly in the classroom. In the Czech language, download the manual from CERMAT, which contains all the requirements and terms that you will need for the didactic test - after learning these terms and with a little common sense, you should give this test to the left back. Don't forget to do some tests from previous years. This way you understand the principle of the tasks and the tasks are repeated the same year after year. Remember that you don't have to have 100% points, so don't worry if you don't understand all the poetic phrases, you won't be able to integrate or some grammatical phenomenon in English won't work for you at all.


You probably can't avoid that. Needless to say, nothing is at stake or everyone can do it. This is the first big test in life, most people will be stressed. But you have to realize that the world will not collapse if you go to a possible repair in September. Keep your rituals. For example, treat yourself to a reward after every 10 learned questions. It will motivate you and at the same time you will not think so much about stress. Take comfortable clothes, plenty of water and a favorite snack with you to the graduation exam. There is nothing worse than a frowning belly, sweat on my forehead, a dry throat and uncomfortable shoes. You will stop solving similar problems with college. As soon as you do not take the first exam in the subject for the first time, the stress will subside.

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