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CONADE's rejection of the Bolivia educational curriculum is political

February 21, 2023

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

The Minister of Education, Edgar Pary Chambi, warns that the request of the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (CONADE) on the inclusion of the rejection of the updated educational curriculum among its resolutions, is “patently political”.

“We are surprised that they want to include the educational curriculum in (the resolutions of the) council. There we can realize that CONADE is politicizing education”, considered the ministerial authority, in time to regret that this educational issue, which is technical, intends to be addressed in a political space.

CONADE activists announced in the last hours that they will ask to include in the resolutions of the national council announced from Santa Cruz for today, January 25, the rejection of the updated educational curriculum, carried out by the Ministry of Education in the Plurinational Educational System.

In this regard, the head of the Education Portfolio regretted that both CONADE and the Catholic Church try to "convulse the country by misrepresenting and misinterpreting" the contents of the plans and programs of the updated curriculum.

Pary deplored the dismissal of the work carried out over several years to update the curriculum, from the 6th Pedagogical Meeting, carried out in December 2020, until October 2022, when the contents of the updated curriculum were validated, during the 7th Pedagogical Meeting, developed with the participation of all the educational actors who made their contributions in a documented manner.

“At no time have we worked unilaterally; We have worked with more than 57 institutions and I think that these 57 institutions could have made observations on the curriculum; however, in meetings, departmental meetings and national meetings we have received the support of different educational actors in society, including teachers, the Board of Parents, universities through the CEUB (Executive Committee of the Bolivian University), including the Bolivian Episcopal Conference”, remarked the minister.

On the subject, the leaders of the National Confederation of Rural Education Teachers of Bolivia (CONMERB) and the Confederation of Urban Education Workers of Bolivia (CTEUB) expressed their discomfort about the politicization of educational issues in political contexts such as the council.

In this line, the leader of CONMERB, Víctor Mamani Fabián, expressed - during the meeting held between the leadership of the urban and rural teachers with the highest national educational authorities, yesterday - that they will not allow educational topics to be used with the in order to extract political gains. "The teachers' leadership is from the left and we will not allow education to be politicized," he said.


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