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After the criticism, Colombian Government will promote that the students that pass 70% of the contents

October 11, 2021

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Finally, the Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolás Trotta , will promote that students from all over the country have approved, at least,70% of the contents “prioritized” during the 2021 school year to pass the year or grade. The proposal will be formalized before the Federal Council of Education next Tuesday, when all the officials responsible for the educational portfolios will meet again in order to evaluate how it will work in the second semester of the school year.

The document prepared by Nicolás Trotta's team will be submitted for approval by his provincial peers in Education. The modality is different from the one he had hinted at last month, when the minister considered reiterating the 2020 school year scheme and allowing students to be promoted to the next level "without repetition ", as a result of the continuity of the pandemic and the closures of schools for sanitary measures. The proposal had generated surprise and criticism in some of his interlocutors.

Now, before the beginning of the school break for the winter in much of the country, the educational portfolio will consider another modality of accreditation of knowledge. The central axis of the proposal is thatpromotion from one year to the next is to have approved at least 70% of the contents that were prioritized for this school year, in each of the jurisdictions that need it.

The project encourages the ministers to reach an agreement to increase teaching times to strengthen the quality of learning from August to December and in February 2022 for students who need more support. What is sought is "to strengthen presence" and "to set goals that allow evaluating whether the students are in a position to advance in their educational careers."

Along these lines, it will seek to "strengthen teaching in the first cycle of primary school (from first to third grade)" for which "promotion from third to fourth grade of primary school will occur when the boys and girls have acquired the competences of basic reading and writing ”, indicated the Ministry in a statement.

The document also proposes, for students who have had intermittent or low intensity trajectories and who need more time and more support to appropriate the required learning, specific instances of teaching intensification. From that point of view, a “ special period of teaching classes and pedagogical work is incorporated in February 2022 with the students who finish a class of 5 in the initial, sixth or seventh grade of primary school; or fifth, sixth or seventh year of high school ”. During this period, the portfolio will support through resources the intensification of work in schools.

"This proposal, analyzed with the main referents in the pedagogical field, reinforces our commitment to guarantee quality education within the framework of the exceptionality of the pandemic and promotes the steps that we must take in common agreement with the jurisdictions of the country," said the Minister Trotta.

Promotion of the year to debate

As a result of the pandemic, the Federal Council of Education agreed last year to eliminate repetition in 2020 and to form a pedagogical unit with the next school year . The boys who owe more than two subjects were able to go ahead and promote for the year under the figure of "accompanied promotion ."

In the City of Buenos Aires, according to an official survey, some 36,866 high school students were in this condition, which represented 37.79% of enrollment . In primary school there was also a marked jump in the number of students with pending knowledge . In total, 6,272 students passed the grade in accompanied promotion, which equaled 5.3% of enrollment; more than double that in 2019.

However, based on the new official proposal, a new threshold of learning requirements will be set . The minimum indicated percentage of approved content will include among the evaluation criteria "effective participation in school activities such as classes, homework and evaluations, which express the achievements and progress experienced by the students," specified the educational portfolio.

The provinces, in order to reach these agreements, must finalize by August 31 a survey of the school trajectories of the students , where they must “precisely identify those who had sustained continuity, those who presented intermittent trajectories and those who reached a low-intensity relationship ”. Another task that will be requested is the assembly of a nominalized registry of disengaged students in order to establish actions through the Accompany Program , with the intention of promoting the return to school.

Once the particular situation of each student has been informed, the document proposes to intensify learning through the development of tutorials, workshops, educational materials and resources for students, teachers and driving teams in various media. It also aims to strengthen the development of teaching intensification tasks and personalized work through the constitution of smaller temporary groups. This is "to address specific difficulties, monitoring strategies and personalized feedback, socio-affective and re-socialization approach together with the incorporation of support profiles," the Ministry indicated.

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