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34,000 High School Seniors to Sit First Matura Exam amid Pandemic

July 21, 2021

Original Article:

About 34,000 high school seniors across Albania will take the first exam of the State Matura 2021 on Thursday, June 3. Supervision will be done with representatives of the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Youth, who will serve as process managers in 208 centers across the country.

The post office has distributed this Wednesday the exam papers under high security measures, while sources within the Ministry of Education informed that all graduates and teachers will be part of the exam as there are no reports of graduates or teachers infected with Covid-19.

Nevertheless, the about 34,000 graduates from all over Albania will take tomorrow morning, the first compulsory exam that will take place in the subject of foreign language followed during high school studies (English, Italian, German, Spanish, French).

The experts in the Education Service Center have already drafted the nal content of the tests of this subject, while they are making the final content of the test subjects, while they are making the final arrangements regarding the preparation of exam materials that will be distributed in each testing environment starting today mainly for the most remote areas, to continue with the first hours of the morning of June 3 for the nearest schools.

Graduates who turn out to be infected with Covid-19 will not be able to enter the exams this season. For these graduates, the authorities indicate that they will be able to take the exams only in the second season that will take place in the fall. 

The content of the foreign language test is designed in accordance with the language, which in the curriculum that the student has followed is treated as the rst foreign language and the level of knowledge is intended to be B2 according to the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" .

Specifically, the language skills that will be assessed in the test are reading and understanding a written text, whose questions will occupy about 50 percent of the test content, questions about the correct use of language (grammar and lexicon) that will occupy about 28 percent of the test content, as well as writing questions that will make up 22 percent of the exam thesis content.

Regarding the application of other rules, according to the conditions denied in the regulations of the exams, the graduate must appear at the examination center 1 hour and 30 minutes before the official schedule set for the development of the test. 

The exams will start at 10:00 and end at 12:30. The students must use a blue or black pen when completing the test. For each question the circle that represents the alternative thought to be correct must lled in.

Filling the circle with the pen should be done only according to the defined format, otherwise the scanner does not recognize the answer and the seniors may risk losing points. This sheet should not be damaged, nor should marks be placed on its boards. Attached to the article also find the appropriate format for when filling out the answer is considered correct.

Regarding the evaluation scheme, it is announced that if two circles have been filled in for a question, the answer to this question will be invalid and will be evaluated with 0 points. When for a question is filled in the correct alternative in the test, but it has not been marked on the answer sheet, that question will again be evaluated with 0 points.

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