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2021 Uruguay school calendar and additional accompanying policies

November 11, 2021

Original Article:

The original article requires translation.

ANEP authorities announced additional investments in Primary, Secondary, UTU and Vocational Training that will translate into the incorporation of thousands of hours in tutorials, so that students receive support in completing the courses. In addition, 2,000 directors of educational centers will have access to professional development instances.

During a press conference held in the ANEP Building, the president of the Central Board of Directors of the National Public Education Administration, Robert Silva, accompanied by the counselors and directors and deputy directors of the subsystems, announced additional investments to reinforce the support to educational paths at all levels.

In this sense, after communicating the completion dates of courses, Silva reported that in Initial and Primary Education the incorporation of 30,000 additional hours is expected, of which 15,000 correspond to tutorials and 15,000 to accompanying students. These supports account for an investment by this General Directorate of 104 million pesos.

Regarding Secondary Education, he announced that for the first time 100% of high schools have tutorials for students who require it, which is equivalent to 7,100 hours distributed in all high schools including the Baccalaureate.

On the other hand, he reported that the General Directorate of Professional Technical Education will incorporate 2,400 hours that for the first time will be allocated to tutorials at the UTU. The total investment between Secondary and UTU stands at an additional 135 million pesos.

"This is of fundamental importance to us and means an effort for the administration, but in times of pandemic where we have students with so many needs and difficulties, serving them is fundamental," he said.

In addition, he indicated that Teacher Training will provide instances of professional development between now and the end of the year in education and technology to 2,000 directors of the subsystems, based on an agreement with Plan Ceibal.

"These are very important announcements that we like to communicate in ANEP code with a focus on our students, who, as we always say, are the raison d'être of an educational system," he highlighted.

Completion schedule 2021

General Directorate of Initial and Primary Education
End of classes: December 21.
End of course acts: December 22nd and 23rd.
Administrative activities: December 27 and 28.

General Directorate of Secondary Education
- Completion of EMB (Basic Cycle)
End of courses: December 10.
Complementary Support Space: December 13 to 20.
- Completion EMS (Baccalaureate)
End of courses: December 3.
Complementary Support Space: December 6 to 14.

General Directorate of Professional Technical Education
- Completion of EMB (Basic Cycle and FPB)
End of courses: December 11.
Complementary Support Space: December 13-23.
- EMS completion (EMP Y EMT- Baccalaureate)
End of courses: December 3.
Complementary Support Space: December 6 to 18.


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