High Marks from Higher Education

LeRoy Rooker is synonymous with FERPA and KSU needed his expertise as a compass to recover operations effected by personnel turnover.

Joe F. Head

Former VP of Enrollment at Kennesaw State University

Our AACRAO consultants achieved credibility on our campus very quickly. They were very knowledgeable about the admissions business, and were quick studies when it came to understanding admissions and enrollment specific to our University. Everyone at WSU felt that they ‘got it.’ At the project’s conclusion, our staff was impressed with their level of understanding and with the detailed report they provided us.

Dr. Howard Shapiro

Associate Vice President at Wayne State University

AACRAO Consulting provided invaluable assistance to our campus during a period of significant change. Given the financial stresses in public higher education, this decade is a crucial one for our campus, and enrollment management is key to our success as an institution. AC brought to bear some of the best thinking in the profession to help us reshape our processes and strategies in admissions and our overall enrollment efforts. The consulting was right on target. Our consultant took the time to understand our needs and shaped his analysis accordingly. AC did a great job 'educating' us about the best current thinking concerning integrated enrollment management.

AC’s on-site consulting also helped us overcome the challenges arising from significant organizational change. Our consultant had the ability to speak to any group on campus, from the Chancellor to faculty to the front line support staff in admissions. He described the 'best practices' in use at other institutions, and identified which of these practices could be adapted to our institution’s needs. This analysis helped us decide not only what to do, but what not to do anymore. The enrollment results of our collaboration with AC were outstanding.

AC also provided valuable assistance with the campus’s repositioning the traditional student affairs area into a more industry-standard approach–one that combines enrollment management with student life and positions the division for more collaborative interaction with academic units.

Daniel Little

Former Chancellor at University of Michigan-Dearborn

AACRAO consultants offered an affordable, effective, and efficient solution. Our consultant was extremely knowledgeable, and quickly understood our situation, which allowed him to manage his time on campus effectively. The report they generated for us was understandable, with recommendations that were easy for us to implement. AACRAO Consulting was able to look at our processes objectively and see where the challenges and roadblocks were in order to help us move forward.

David Johnston

Former Associate Vice-Provost (Enrollment) & Registrar at University of Calgary and current Registrar, University of the Fraser Valley

AACRAO consultants helped us to articulate our next steps regarding a comprehensive strategic enrollment plan. They also helped us articulate the importance of the investment that got the attention of campus leadership. That resulted in an investment being made in SEM and technology — in a University that historically had under-invested in technology.

Jackie Balzer

former Vice Provost for Student Affairs at Portland State University and current Dean of Student Life at Willamette University

AACRAO has a reputation as a knowledge leader in the field. We wanted the knowledge and experience of experts who would understand best practices. We have a young leadership staff and so we looked at AACRAO as the best place to get experience. Rather than coming in and telling us what to do, the AACRAO consultants asked questions and most importantly, they listened to the staff members.

In this economy you have to justify spending the money to bring in a consultant. Upper level staff fear that a consultant will recommend hiring more staff, buying new software, or other solutions that will cost more money. Instead, our consultants helped us to maximize the resources that we have here already in place.

Ginger Turner

District Director of Admissions and Records/Registrar at Hinds Community College

AACRAO has a national reputation in higher education. Our AACRAO Consultant was able to bring insight from working and consulting with a number of institutions. He has experience at small, private schools similar to ours that also needed to change operations. The suggestions they presented about restructuring our organizational structure has resulted in better alignment of staff, which will pave the way to do business differently.

We expect customer service to improve dramatically in the short term, which will affect long-term enrollment goals. It has been a year since the consultation and the college quickly experienced increased revenues over projected budgeted amounts, as a result of implementing the suggestions provided by AACRAO Consulting.

Jeff Levine

Former Director, Office of Enrollment Management at Gratz College and current Associate Director of Enrollment Services at Texas A&M Galveston

AACRAO Consulting has helped us to attain many of the administrative advances we have recently achieved and intend to achieve in the future.

We at Gratz College are grateful for the trouble-shooting and problem solving provided to our institution by our consultant. Assistance received last year in benchmarking our various graduate programs has already 'paid off' this year in increased enrollment and tuition revenue for those programs. The workshop for the faculty led by our AACRAO consultant was very helpful in enabling the faculty to understand the compliance issues facing Gratz as an institution of higher education. It has enhanced cooperation between faculty and administration for developing and implementing policies that ensure compliance.

More recently, our AACRAO consultant provided a value-added meeting at an AACRAO conference that provided additional, helpful guidance on best practices concerning policy statements that need to be included in our academic bulletin. Indeed, we have already incorporated many of the consultant’s suggestions in the new academic bulletin which was just downloaded to our website a few days ago.

In terms of the future, our AACRAO consultant has introduced us to the rich resources of AACRAO. Indeed, it was mainly because of our consultant’s influence that Gratz College sent five key administrators to the AACRAO conference in Seattle. I am sure Gratz will be well-represented next year when the conference is in Philadelphia. Since the Seattle conference, the five attendees from Gratz have formed an informal group that has been able to advise the executives on changes that are needed to keep abreast both developments regarding compliance requirements and best-practices in registrar and enrollment functions.

In some ways our experience at AACRAO’s Annual Meeting and the help provided by AACRAO Consulting have begun to create a cultural shift here at Gratz College, one which will help the College continue to provide students with the rich quality education they seek and deserve.

Jerry Kutnick

Dean for Academic Affairs at Gratz College

Our AACRAO consultants brought a great deal of outside experience and perspective from both a four-year and a community college lens. They brought a unique approach in quickly building a team, allowing our staff to bring their knowledge and experience to the table as well. The consultation experience was not only helpful but empowering.

Diane Drebin

Former Dean of Enrollment Services at Clackamas Community College

This is the second institution where I have hired AACRAO consultant Dr. Green. His broad range of skills, ability to read an institution and quickly begin to provide suggestions and recommendations has been a critical element of our success. After one semester we were able to make enough changes that allowed us to have the largest spring class ever and meet enrollment targets for the first time in eight years.

Tom has the ability to work across departments and help explain the intricacies of Strategic Enrollment Management. His knowledge of academic and enrollment issues allows him to work successfully with faculty and staff. Tom's recommendations were always practical. He made his suggestions in the context of institutional realities. Having worked with consultants across my career, my experience with Tom is that he never tried to 'sell us' on anything...he made recommendations that would offer the best return for the investment of time and resources.

One of the most significant things Tom offers is that he is always trying to work himself out of a job. His goal is to develop institutional capacity, and he never makes a project bigger. I appreciate very much his commitment to my success and that of my institution and bottom line, I trust him!

Dr. Susan Borrego

Former Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at California State University Dominguez Hills and current Chancellor of University of Michigan–Flint