Technology Optimization & Selection

Unleash the Power of Enrollment Technology

Technology is a vital tool for institutions looking to compete in today’s education market. With the right technology solutions, universities and colleges can increase efficiencies, improve student services and communications, control costs, conserve staff resources and focus them on more important activities. How do institutions maximize the advantages of technology, while minimizing the challenges that come with it?

Our Technology Optimization and Selection consultation services help you identify and address the barriers that prevent you from making the most of current and new technologies. From backend systems to automated records to student-facing web applications, we’ll provide expert recommendations on maximizing your technology investments to produce the greatest return. What’s more, we bring extensive knowledge of best practices in enrollment services to ensure your technology investments support your goals.

Get Technology Working for You

Following our in-depth review of your current technology investments and practices, we’ll deliver unbiased recommendations along with an action plan to help you:

  • Define your desired outcomes and objectives for your technology investments
  • Optimize your use of current technology to reach your goals
  • Identify and address technology challenges your users encounter
  • Understand and adapt to changes in technology
  • Expose and fill gaps in your technology and knowledge
  • Secure new technology solutions that better support your goals

For institutions requiring assistance with technology implementation, we are also available to help with vendor RFPs and selection, implementation plans, and project management.

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to begin your Technology Optimization and Selection, and make sure your technology investments deliver on your goals.

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AACRAO consultants helped us to articulate our next steps regarding a comprehensive strategic enrollment plan. They also helped us articulate the importance of the investment that got the attention of campus leadership. That resulted in an investment being made in SEM and technology — in a University that historically had under-invested in technology.

Jackie Balzer, former Vice Provost for Student Affairs at Portland State University and current Dean of Student Life at Willamette University