Recruitment & Marketing Review

Reaching and Attracting Your Ideal Students

Competition for students is fierce. This competitive environment makes it even more challenging to find and attract the right students to match your educational programs, meet enrollment targets and foster student success. Your recruitment and marketing strategies must clearly communicate your institution’s unique, competitive and attractive value proposition for prospective students. That’s where AACRAO Consulting can help.

Our Recruitment and Marketing Review identifies opportunities and strategies for reaching and attracting the right students, more efficiently. Through a close examination of your marketing efforts, we’ll determine whether you’re communicating the right message to the right audience through the right channels. We’ll also evaluate the way you deploy staff as well as existing technology investments, then offer recommendations to optimize those resources to reach and exceed your new student enrollment goals.

Refining Your Recruitment Strategy

Based on a thorough assessment of your recruitment and marketing efforts, we’ll help you develop a workable strategy for:

  • Identifying enrollment targets and goals
  • Implementing cohesive, well mapped-out recruitment and communication plans
  • Establishing and making the most of your recruitment and marketing budget
  • Ensuring all marketing messages are coordinated and on target
  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of your website and marketing materials
  • Maximizing your existing staff resources
  • Training staff to maximize recruitment tools and technology
  • Capturing every opportunity to reach and attract quality students

Your Recruitment and Marketing Review can be applied to undergraduate, graduate, professional or international recruitment efforts, and can be performed as a stand-alone service, or paired with our Admissions Operations Review. We’ll customize your consultation to match your recruitment scope and greatest needs.

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to schedule your Recruitment and Marketing Review and start reaching and attracting more quality students.

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This is the second institution where I have hired AACRAO consultant Dr. Green. His broad range of skills, ability to read an institution and quickly begin to provide suggestions and recommendations has been a critical element of our success. After one semester we were able to make enough changes that allowed us to have the largest spring class ever and meet enrollment targets for the first time in eight years.

Tom has the ability to work across departments and help explain the intricacies of Strategic Enrollment Management. His knowledge of academic and enrollment issues allows him to work successfully with faculty and staff. Tom's recommendations were always practical. He made his suggestions in the context of institutional realities. Having worked with consultants across my career, my experience with Tom is that he never tried to 'sell us' on anything...he made recommendations that would offer the best return for the investment of time and resources.

One of the most significant things Tom offers is that he is always trying to work himself out of a job. His goal is to develop institutional capacity, and he never makes a project bigger. I appreciate very much his commitment to my success and that of my institution and bottom line, I trust him!

Dr. Susan Borrego, Former Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at California State University Dominguez Hills and current Chancellor of University of Michigan–Flint