Business Process Improvement Review

Optimize Your People and Processes

Institutions of all sizes struggle with operational challenges that impact performance, frustrate faculty and staff, and impact student satisfaction. Paper-based inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Overly complicated tasks. Outdated policies that don’t keep pace with new institutional technologies. Sound familiar?

AACRAO Consulting is ready to help you identify and address these and other barriers standing in the way of your operational efficiencies. Our Business Process Improvement Review delves into your enrollment processes to ensure they optimize human and fiscal resources while improving performance across departments.

Your Business Process Map

Your Business Process Improvement Review begins with a careful assessment of multiple areas — from delivery of student services to use of staff resources to workflow processes to how you leverage technology. We’ll help you identify any issues that impact your efficiency and performance. We’ll also include recommendations for process improvement, including technology needed for each step or action and time-to-completion.

Together, we’ll map out a new business process, allowing you to:

  • Perform tasks and activities more quickly and accurately
  • Improve responsiveness and therefore enhance student success/retention
  • Focus staff’s time and energy on more important activities
  • More clearly identify goals and measure your success in reaching them
  • Train staff more effectively and thoroughly on business processes
  • Make better use of technology to drive efficiencies and improve service

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to schedule your Business Process Improvement Review and learn how we can help you to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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AACRAO has a national reputation in higher education. Our AACRAO Consultant was able to bring insight from working and consulting with a number of institutions. He has experience at small, private schools similar to ours that also needed to change operations. The suggestions they presented about restructuring our organizational structure has resulted in better alignment of staff, which will pave the way to do business differently.

We expect customer service to improve dramatically in the short term, which will affect long-term enrollment goals. It has been a year since the consultation and the college quickly experienced increased revenues over projected budgeted amounts, as a result of implementing the suggestions provided by AACRAO Consulting.

Jeff Levine, Former Director, Office of Enrollment Management at Gratz College and current Associate Director of Enrollment Services at Texas A&M Galveston