Admissions Operations Review

Increased Efficiencies, Faster Decisions

Streamlined admissions are critical to supporting your enrollment goals and improving student satisfaction. Realizing the full advantages of automated, streamlined admissions operations requires not only the right technology, but the right training and knowledge to leverage it.

Partner with AACRAO Consulting to help you identify opportunities for improved admissions efficiencies and accuracies, with the right blend of solutions, skills and structure. Our admissions operations experts will carefully assess your needs and challenges, then connect you to the right solutions to enable you to:

  • Automate the way student information is loaded and processed
  • Minimize time-consuming manual labor, redundancies and costly human error
  • Make multiple admissions decisions instantly and review cases virtually
  • Conserve time and maximize existing resources
  • Accelerate response rates and improve student satisfaction

Evaluate, Recommend, Improve

Designed to provide enrollment leaders with a thorough and unbiased assessment of their operations, an Admissions Operations Review focuses on:

  • Improving your business processes, admissions policies, and current technology investments
  • Managing and mitigating the impact of change to your staff, faculty and most importantly, students
  • Optimizing admissions staff structure, roles, responsibilities, skill sets and how they’re used 
  • Enhancing the way you collect, store, review, and process admissions information

You’ll emerge from your review with the practical recommendations you need to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of your admissions processes, staff resources and student services.

Commonly paired with our Recruitment and Marketing Review, your Admissions Operations Review can be performed as a stand-alone service, and can be applied to undergraduate, graduate, professional or international admissions office settings.

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to schedule your Admissions Operations Review and learn how we can help you.

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AACRAO Consulting provided invaluable assistance to our campus during a period of significant change. Given the financial stresses in public higher education, this decade is a crucial one for our campus, and enrollment management is key to our success as an institution. AC brought to bear some of the best thinking in the profession to help us reshape our processes and strategies in admissions and our overall enrollment efforts. The consulting was right on target. Our consultant took the time to understand our needs and shaped his analysis accordingly. AC did a great job 'educating' us about the best current thinking concerning integrated enrollment management.

AC’s on-site consulting also helped us overcome the challenges arising from significant organizational change. Our consultant had the ability to speak to any group on campus, from the Chancellor to faculty to the front line support staff in admissions. He described the 'best practices' in use at other institutions, and identified which of these practices could be adapted to our institution’s needs. This analysis helped us decide not only what to do, but what not to do anymore. The enrollment results of our collaboration with AC were outstanding.

AC also provided valuable assistance with the campus’s repositioning the traditional student affairs area into a more industry-standard approach–one that combines enrollment management with student life and positions the division for more collaborative interaction with academic units.

Daniel Little, Former Chancellor at University of Michigan-Dearborn