AACRAO's Inaugural Transfer Practice Summit

AACRAO Transfer Summit:

We spoke with Seth Marc Kamen, graduate student and educational consultant, and Katie Schwienteck, Associate Registrar for Transfer Articulation at York College Pennsylvania about their thoughts on the upcoming AACRAO Transfer Summit.

The AACRAO Transfer Practice Summit is a 2-day event hosted on the 8th and 9th of July from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Presentations include keynote speakers, Transfer promising practices, and group collaboration.

Learn more about AACRAO's work in Re-Envisioning Transfer

Seth expanded on the aim of the 2021 Transfer Practice Summit highlighting that “...we want to focus more on the “to-do’s” … this is how you do what it is that you need to do…”. This focus has primarily been driven by member feedback through more than a decade of Transfer work from both Seth and Katie. 

AACRAO members have consistently requested support not just on the goals, strategies, and tactics, but on the specific steps members should take to accomplish these goals. The Transfer Practice Summit will be utilizing the research from the Transfer Student Success Workgroup to help guide and define the conversation. Katie further expanded on this saying “...we have a lot of people that ask, “how do I do this?” so we really want them to have sessions that they walk away with those tangible items...” “...we are hyperfocused on ensuring sessions focus on the practical and the “how” of Transfer…”.

Who Should Attend?

Throughout our conversation, it became clear that in many ways Transfer touches nearly every part of higher education. Seth expounded on this saying, “...Transfer is one of those functions that crosses over everything, you can’t look at it from an admissions lens, you can’t look at it from a records lens, you can’t look at it only from an academic lens, because everything touches that student…to have a really good conversation about Transfer you need to focus on each one of those different areas.”

A team of AACRAO staff and AACRAO leaders are carefully planning the content to ensure it is relevant for higher-ed professionals across a variety of roles.

Looking Forward

AACRAO’s commitment to Re-envisioning Transfer comes at a pivotal time in higher education. Policy changes over the last year have had a profound effect on Transfer students and the institutions that serve them. These changes are just the beginning as federal policy in the next year is also expected to have a significant impact on Transfer in higher-ed.

Interested in attending AACRAO’s Transfer Practice Summit? Visit our Transfer Practice Summit page to stay up-to-date on the event.