Recruitment & Marketing Review

Reaching and Attracting Your Ideal Students

Competition for students is fierce. This competitive environment makes it even more challenging to find and attract the right students to match your educational programs, meet enrollment targets and foster student success. Your recruitment and marketing strategies must clearly communicate your institution’s unique, competitive and attractive value proposition for prospective students. That’s where AACRAO Consulting can help.

Our Recruitment and Marketing Review identifies opportunities and strategies for reaching and attracting the right students, more efficiently. Through a close examination of your marketing efforts, we’ll determine whether you’re communicating the right message to the right audience through the right channels. We’ll also evaluate the way you deploy staff as well as existing technology investments, then offer recommendations to optimize those resources to reach and exceed your new student enrollment goals.

Refining Your Recruitment Strategy

Based on a thorough assessment of your recruitment and marketing efforts, we’ll help you develop a workable strategy for:

  • Identifying enrollment targets and goals
  • Implementing cohesive, well mapped-out recruitment and communication plans
  • Establishing and making the most of your recruitment and marketing budget
  • Ensuring all marketing messages are coordinated and on target
  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of your website and marketing materials
  • Maximizing your existing staff resources
  • Training staff to maximize recruitment tools and technology
  • Capturing every opportunity to reach and attract quality students

Your Recruitment and Marketing Review can be applied to undergraduate, graduate, professional or international recruitment efforts, and can be performed as a stand-alone service, or paired with our Admissions Operations Review. We’ll customize your consultation to match your recruitment scope and greatest needs.

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to schedule your Recruitment and Marketing Review and start reaching and attracting more quality students.

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Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Location: Burnaby, Canada


With three campuses in British Columbia, SFU has grown to become one of Canada’s leading comprehensive institutions and is part of the prestigious U15 group of top Canadian research universities. In the face of this growth, the university knew it needed to reassess the efforts and effectiveness of its Student Recruitment and Undergraduate Admissions departments. This included ensuring that both departments had the processes and practices in place to support a more strategic approach to the university’s enrollment. To assist with this goal, AACRAO Consulting was brought in to complete multiple engagements over the course of several years.


SFU’s Undergraduate Admissions and Student Recruitment departments had been struggling with what they knew were cumbersome and inefficient processes, and a lack of cross-departmental communication. As a result, admissions and recruitment functions were not properly aligned or working in concert to support enrollment goals. A lack of communication and coordination between the two departments had led to duplication and inefficiencies that were impacting student services and faculty relationships. AACRAO Consulting was given the task to review and evaluate both departments to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies, communication, and alignment.


AACRAO Consulting came onto the SFU campus to conduct a series of interviews with members of the communications, recruitment, and enrollment teams as well as multiple faculty committees, academic advisors, and associate deans. Following each day of interviews, AACRAO Consultants debriefed enrollment leadership with their key findings to keep SFU project leaders in the loop.

AACRAO Consulting also thoroughly reviewed recruitment and admissions processes, recruitment communications, and admissions data to determine the effectiveness of the university’s current approach. Based on their findings, AACRAO Consultants submitted a series of reports and worked closely with SFU’s enrollment team to make refinements.

The final report included actionable recommendations that provided a clear pathway for merging and aligning the recruitment and admissions departments under one office and leader: The Office of Student Recruitment and Admissions.


As a result of implementing AACRAO Consulting’s recommendations, SFU saw noticeable improvements in their recruitment and admissions operations. Both teams are now working together more efficiently, with less duplication and overlap of functions, and coordinating efforts regularly with ongoing communications and meetings. This has led to a marked improvement in the processing and delivery of student services and satisfaction. The improvements have also strengthened relationships with faculty, who have praised the Office for its prompt and simplified service.

Following the initial engagement, AACRAO Consulting returned for additional consultation to help assess and improve the structure of its Office of Student Recruitment and Admissions, and the implementation of a CRM platform to support more strategic and streamlined communications with prospective and admitted students. With the CRM platform in place, the university will now be able to track the results of its recruitment and admissions efforts more effectively and accurately.




We were trying to look at our recruitment efforts with blinders on. Bringing in AACRAO Consulting allowed us to get an outside, expert perspective that was unclouded and unbiased. I was taken aback and ecstatic that they sent us their top SEM leaders. Their recommendations were right on target. Our approach before AACRAO Consulting had been inefficient, labor-intensive, and error-prone — all of which impacted our ability to reach and respond to prospective students and applicants. AACRAO Consulting mapped out a way for us to update our antiquated processes and systems. They did a wonderful job. I could not have asked for better consultants.

Rick Edgington, Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management & Registrar, Northern Oklahoma College