Student Identity Work Group

The Student Identity Work Group will develop guidance for AACRAO members and their institutions on serving transgender students and students who wish to update their gender marker, change their legal name, use a preferred name, or designate a pronoun.  In addition the Work Group will develop guidance on appropriate methods of collecting, recording, and reporting of name and gender identity in student record systems.  The guidance should address practices in the student admissions process as well as those in student records and registration.  In addition, the guidance will consider impacts for other campus offices including but not limited to student financial aid, identity management (CIO), student housing, and student life.

Work Group

Joseph Salomone, Drexel University (Chair)
Jacqueline Carter*, Washington University in St Louis 
Cody Garrison, Neumont University
Karen Goodell, SUNY Ulster
Tammy Johnson, Marshall University
Jon Jump, Wabash College
Annette Lott, Houston Community College
James Miller, University of Washington -Bothell
Jack Miner*, The Ohio State University
Melissa Nunn, University of Florida
Bruce Oates, Oakton Community College
Tiffani Robertson, Governors State University
Katharine Johnson Suski, Iowa State University
Brenda Selman, University of Missouri
Juanita Womack, Philadelphia University

*AACRAO Board Member

Update: February 10, 2017

Joseph Salomone from Drexel University led the first meeting and talked about the groups mission, structure and the deliverables.  Among the focuses for the work group will be best practices in name and gender marker changes, developing and implementing a preferred name policy, developing a designated pronoun strategy for your campus, and the use of gender and birth sex in reporting, admissions, scholarships, and other campus opportunities.

There will be a number of opportunities for membership to engage with the task force including an upcoming webinar on Gender Identity and Admissions Issues (insert link to registration info) and opportunities to engage on this topic at the Annual Meeting in Minneapolis including opportunities to talk directly with task force members on their work.

For more information about the work of the task force, please contact the chair, Joseph Salomone at or Board of Directors member, Jack Miner at

1 - Call for volunteers
25 - Call for volunteers deadline

2 - 5 In Person Meeting at Annual Meeting
2 - 5 Session at Annual Meeting

9 - 11 Session at Tech/Transfer
29 - 31 Session at SEM
1 - Session at SEM
30 - Final Report to BOD