Wrappers & Workflow In the Clouds


•  IntroducIon

•  The Problem

•  The Proposed SoluIon

•  The Proof of Concept

•  What We Learned & What Comes Next 


The Problems

Too Many Paper Forms (100+ campus transac4ons)

–  Few electronic forms and workflow

–  Slow manual transacIonal processes

–  Low visibility of request data, in-process disposiIon and decisions

–  Too much faculty adviser and staff Ime on data entry and administraIve majers

Poor Online Experience

–  Underdeveloped portal

–  Disaggregated administraIve applicaIons

–  Immature applicaIons for online collaboraIon

–  Few tools for online community building

New Technical Strategy

–  Cloud-first SaaS, PaaS,

–  Buy not build