Why is Acalog a unique solution for your needs?

Acalog provides a single, electronic platform to create, organize, edit, archive, and print academic catalogs and related campus publications. With Acalog, you can:

●  Empower departmental editors to make changes in the system, while keeping a comprehensive audit trail of every edit.

●  Supportanynumberofeditorsworkingontheirownscheduleor concurrently.

●  Use the built-in tracking-and-approval workflow to end the paper chase associated with your current catalog revision process.

●  Attachreferencedocumentsadministrativelytocoursesandprograms.

●  Dynamically integrate course information with your e-catalog and online

schedule, or course equivalency system.

●  Publish your new e-catalog with the push of a button, and make critical corrections in real-time.

●  Export directly to Microsoft® Word.

●  Deliveryourupdatede-catalogtostudentsmonthsaheadofyourcurrent


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