University of Illinois System Extends Tuition Freeze

The University of Illinois system has extended for another year an in-state tuition freeze that has been in effect since fall the 2014, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.

In a written statement, system president Timothy L. Killeen said the freeze was intended to "help keep doors of opportunity open for Illinois students and hold down costs to keep them here at home to study," the Chronicle reported. 

A two-year budget deadlock ended last summer, but it affected perceptions of higher education in the state. Enrollment at many public institutions began to decline in fall 2016 and continued to decline in fall 2017. The state's community colleges and regional universities also saw enrollment declines. Some campuses saw increases, including the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Illinois's flagship Urbana-Champaign campus.  

Illinois has the second highest rate of high school graduates leaving to attend college in other states. Tuition freezes have been a key strategy to retain in-state students, reports the Chronicle.


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