University of California to Limit Resident Enrollment

University of California President Janet Napolitano told a state Assembly budget subcommittee that the university will limit enrollment of in-state students to current levels next year unless it receives more state funding, reports The Sacramento Bee.

"We will not be admitting students that we don't know that we actually have funding for," Napolitano said in the Bee.

In November, UC's governing board approved a five-year tuition plan of 5 percent annual increases that was meant, in part, to allow for 1,000 more California students a year. This move jeopardized a promised 4 percent budget increase from Gov. Jerry Brown that was contingent upon an extended tuition freeze.

In light of the uncertainty over how much money UC would receive from the state next year, officials said the university will temporarily cap in-state enrollment and potentially admit more California students later from the wait list.

UC will increase out-of-state international enrollment by up to 2,000 next year.


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