U. of Texas System Seeks Input on Rules for New Campus-Carry Law

The University of Texas system has requested that its 14 constituent institutions devise rules for concealed handguns on their campuses to comply with the state's new campus-carry law, The Texas Tribune reported. In a memorandum released on Tuesday, a task force convened by the system said the Board of Regents would review the campuses' proposals and then issue final rules this spring.

The controversial law, effective August 1 on four-year campuses and in 2017 at community colleges, has generated widespread concern among faculty members since it was enacted last spring. It allows people with concealed handgun licenses to carry their weapons inside university buildings, except in the limited gun-free zones designated by those schools.The law covers all colleges and universities in the state, but private institutions have taken advantage of a provision allowing them to opt out.

In the memo, the task force suggested five areas where guns should be banned – child care centers, stadiums, laboratories with dangerous chemicals, laboratories with animals, and hospitals or clinics. Most individual schools were already expected to declare those areas gun-free.

The report did not make recommendations on more controversial areas, such as dormitories and classrooms. State legislators have said that banning guns in those areas would violate the law.


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