U. of California Seeks to Increase In-State Students

University of California President Janet Napolitano recently proposed a plan to increase enrollment of in-state undergraduates by 10,000 by the 2018-19 school year, reports The Los Angeles Times.

The proposal would increase in-state enrollment of freshmen and transfer students by 5,000 next fall and then 2,500 in each of the following two school years. The highly-criticized enrollment increases of non-Californians would continue but at a slower pace.

Funding for the plan would come from phasing out institutional and state aid for low-income, out-of-state students, the Times reported.

The California Legislature allocated an additional $25 million to UC last spring to increase in-state students by 5,000 by 2016-17. Napolitano said the university would come up with another $25 million to cover the costs. Officials are also looking at housing and classroom sizes and availability for the additional students. UC will enroll 600 more graduate students by 2016-17 as well.

UC regents will discuss the proposal and vote next week.


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