Trump Issues Revamped Travel Ban

President Trump on Sunday issued revamped restrictions on travelers from eight countries, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The announcement comes just a few weeks before his controversial travel ban was slated for a Supreme Court hearing. Unlike the original ban, which barred travelers from a half-dozen Muslim countries, the new rules vary from country to country. For example, the executive order bans all travel from Syria, while it restricts Venezuelan government officials and their families from coming to the United States. It prohibits most visitors from Iran but exempts those on student visas who undergo enhanced vetting, reported the Chronicle.

Five of the countries announced on Sunday—Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen—were included in the travel ban, while three others—Chad, Venezuela and North Korea—were added. One country, Sudan, was on the original list but not included in the new measure.

The restrictions will not apply to current visa holders; students and scholars from the affected countries who are already in the United States will be allowed to stay, the Chronicle reported.

The initial order was issued in late January. College leaders have been outspoken in condemning the ban, which they say goes against the values of higher education and the United States. The rules are expected to further complicate colleges international recruitment efforts.


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