Trump Administration Releases 2018 Higher Ed Regulatory Agenda

Late last week, the Trump administration released its regulatory agenda for higher education in 2018, Politico reported. The ambitious goals mostly aim to reconsider or rewrite Obama-era regulations.

The plans include proposing new Title IX and campus sexual assault regulations in March 2018. The Education Department will issue a notice of proposed rulemaking "to clarify schools' obligations in redressing sex discrimination, including complaints of sexual misconduct, and the procedures by which they must do so," the department wrote.

The administration estimates proposing for public comment a new borrower defense rule in May 2018 and a new gainful employment rule in June 2018. Two Education Department rulemaking panels are currently in the process of negotiating new regulations to replace the Obama-era rules.

The agenda also includes plans to write regulations on how colleges should institute year-round Pell Grants. Congress revived the restoration of year-round Pell as part of a government funding bill signed into law earlier this year. The department plans to finalize the new rules in May 2018.


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