States Pushing Campus Safety Measures, Study Finds

A new report by the Education Commission of the States found that legislators are increasingly concerned about campus safety relating to sexual assault and guns on campus. Some key findings include:

  • The number of bills aimed at tackling sexual violence on campus has risen dramatically; up to 53 pieces of legislation were introduced this year in at least 15 states, compared to 30 measures in 19 states the year before. Those bills would define consent, clarify and expand the role of local law enforcement, and address the role of legal counsel in disciplinary hearings centered on sexual violence, among other things, the report stated. So far, 10 have passed, 20 have failed and 23 are still pending, according to the report.
  • At least 18 states considered legislation about guns on campus this year, with most of those dying, the report found. Arkansas and Georgia both passed bills allowing licensed individuals to carry concealed handguns on campus. An effort in Maryland to explicitly prohibit firearms on campus was one of the many pieces of legislation that fell this year, according to the report.


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