State Appeals Court Upholds U. of Michigan Gun Ban

The Michigan Court of Appeals, in a 2-to-1 decision, upheld the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor's campus gun ban, reported The Detroit Free Press.

Tuesday's ruling permits the university to regulate the possession of firearms, and said the University of Michigan's campuses are not affected by a state law that prevents local units of government from limiting gun ownership and carrying.

Ann Arbor resident Joshua Wade originally challenged the ban on Second Amendment grounds—first in the Michigan Court of Claims and recently in the state Court of Appeals—after the university refused to permit him to openly carry a handgun on campus. Wade argued that the University of Michigan was not a school in the traditional sense, but a community where people live and work, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Steven Dulan, lawyer for the plaintiff, told The Chronicle of Higher Education that he will "probably" appeal the case to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Exceptions to the university's no-guns regulation include those who have received special authorization from the university. The director of the university's Department of Public Safety would have the power to waive the prohibition in the case of "extraordinary circumstances."


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