Spotlight Roundup: Electronic records and the Groningen Declaration; Measuring student success; Surviving a financial aid audit

Spotlight Roundup

AACRAO Spotlight interviews are published twice weekly before major professional development meetings. They feature our conversations with industry experts, highlighting key issues and promoting their sessions and workshops at the upcoming conference.

Below you'll find brief summaries of four recent Q-and-As with a link to the full interview.

FEATURED SPOTLIGHT: Tom Black on the future of electronic records

Electronic academics records aren’t the future—they’re the now. Across the U.S. and around the world, many institutions are already using electronic records, whether XML, EDI or PDF. However, the transition to electronic records has been informal and piecemeal, which underserves students.

That fact is the impetus behind the Groningen Declaration, a collective effort by higher education professionals worldwide to make student data more portable by standardizing the sharing of electronic records.

“Young people are on the move,” says Tom Black, Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar, Stanford University, and champion of the Groningen Declaration. “The declaration is an affirmation of a collective commitment to move records from paper to digital format and thereby give our students the best educational opportunities possible.”

Black describes how electronic records are distinctly suited for travel, security, and cost-cutting – and how its natural conveniences require the education community to be committed to taking the lead on oversight right now.

Read the full interview here.

AACRAO talks about student attainment rates with Dr. Shapiro

Twenty percent of all students who complete a degree in the U.S. are doing so at a different institution from where they started. Dr. Doug Shapiro, Executive Director of the Research Center at the National Student Clearinghouse, discusses this and other fascinating findings in the National Student Clearinghouse’s 4th Signature Report, which investigates the various paths students across the country take in completing a college degree or certificate. The report goes well beyond traditional graduation rate calculations, distinguishing between part-time and full-time students, young and adult learners, and student mobility, Shapiro says.
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Surviving a financial aid audit

“If you don’t have things well-documented, your policies and procedures up-to-date, your training sessions documented, your compliance information readily available … it can be painful,” says Susan Van Voorhis, Director of Academic Support Resources and Registrar from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, of financial aid audits.

In her Q & A, Voorhis explains how her session will showcase the critical tools that universities and colleges need to prepare their campuses for a financial aid audit.

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AACRAO talks about higher education legislation with Meredith Braz


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