Shifts in Foreign Graduate School Enrollments

The enrollment of new graduate students from outside the United States is up 8 percent this year at American graduate programs, according to data being released today by the Council of Graduate Schools. The increase in overall international enrollment is down slightly from a 10 percent gain last year, but is on par with rates from the two previous years.

Despite the overall growth rate, first-time enrollment of Chinese students dropped (by 1 percent) for the first time since the council began its reports in 2004, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported. Enrollments from South Korea and Taiwan were also down. Meanwhile, enrollments from India and Brazil are way up. The enrollment of Indian students was up 40 percent last year, and increased 27 percent this year.

The figures are based on a Council of Graduate Schools survey of its members. While the survey collects information about many levels of graduate enrollments, first-time enrollment is considered crucial, according to Inside Higher Ed. Since most graduate programs are for multiple years, first-time figures will have an impact on enrollments well into the future.


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