Research and data: The backbone of SEM planning

Creating a strong SEM plan requires robust research and data analysis.  This can be a daunting task, as many enrollment managers aren’t sure if they are gathering the right research and may not understand the best ways to collect and analyze institutional data.  This year’s AACRAO SEM Conference in San Antonio Hill Country will feature several sessions on research and data analysis, as well as a pre-conference workshop on the topic.

Workshop on research and data

On Sunday afternoon, Dr. Tom Green, AACRAO’s Associate Executive Director for Consulting and SEM, will be joined by Janet Ward, recently retired Institutional Associate Vice President for Information and Data Management at Seattle Pacific University and now an AACRAO Senior Consultant, and Dan Merian, Director of Enrollment Research and Analysis at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  This team will cover a wide range of common issues in research and data for SEM planning, including:

  • benchmarking,
  • environmental scanning,
  • predictive modeling, and
  • reporting, among others.

Sessions on how to do data

The National Student Clearinghouse sponsors research sessions at the SEM Conference.  Presenters are chosen through a competitive process where the top submissions are featured in the conference program.  This year’s submissions were of exceptionally high quality and include use of NSC data to understand student migration patterns at your institution, using data to understand student retention and a qualitative study of the professional development needs of enrollment managers.

These are by no means the only workshops and sessions on research and data at this year’s conference.  Register today and get the training and information you need to drive your SEM planning process with the right information and analysis.