Ohio Bill Seeks to Boost Awarding of College Credit for Military Training

Ohio State Senator Lou Gentile (D-Steubenville) introduced legislation that would require state institutions of higher education to develop a policy for awarding academic credit to veterans for training received while in the military.

Under the measure (Senate Bill  13), the Ohio Board of Regents would collaborate with the Ohio Department of Veterans Services to develop a model for training counselors of student veterans at state institutions of higher education regarding the unique needs of and challenges faced by student veterans.

The Board of Regents would also facilitate regular statewide meetings for personnel at institutions of higher education who regularly provide services to student veterans.

The meetings would enable the personnel to discuss and develop best practices, exchange ideas and experiences, and hear presentations by individuals with generally-accepted expertise in subjects relevant to the needs of and challenges faced by student veterans.

The measure would also require the board to develop and facilitate better communications between institutions of higher education, military bases in the state, and veteran organizations in the state to advance causes that benefit student veterans.


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