NY State Budget Negotiations Tackle Higher Ed Issues

This week, New York state lawmakers reached an impasse on a proposal in Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's budget blueprint that would link immigration reform with an education tax credit. Cuomo said on Tuesday that both would be dropped as budget negotiations continued, The New York Times reported.

The Dream Act would allow undocumented high school graduates to apply for state financial aid for college. Cuomo's plan to link the measure to a tax credit aimed to appeal to both Democrats and Republicans. Advocates for the Dream Act hoped that the joint proposal would finally advance the immigration reform after stand-alone legislation stalled in previous years.

Despite the setback, Cuomo vowed to push for the Dream Act after the budget negotiations concluded.

The budget discussions will also tackle Cuomo's plan to reduce state oversight of offerings at public and private colleges, Capital reports.

The New York Education Department has authority over what degree programs institutions in the state offer. Cuomo proposed, with the support of State Senate Republicans, eliminating the agency's review process, giving accredited schools more control over their own offerings.

Supporters of the change say less oversight would allow colleges to adapt to quickly changing market conditions. Opponents, including State Assembly Democrats, argue that reducing regulations could reduce quality.


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