New approaches to SEM planning

The era of lengthy, static SEM Plans is past. Today’s SEM planning processes cut through the clutter of competing institutional interests and sharpens campus focus on the enrollment issues that matter most, with specific measurable outcomes that will help put your institution’s ideas into action.

Truly effective SEM planning requires the coordinated, unified effort of often disparate departments campus-wide. Working with staff across multiple departments and levels to understand enrollment goals, resolving enrollment challenges, embracing and enacting change to improve processes and efficiencies, and aligning efforts with institutional enrollment strategies can be challenging. 

Assembling institutional data, environmental scanning, getting campus-wide buy-in and focusing your institution on the goals that will impact your enrollment are challenging tasks, but are essential to creating a SEM Plan.  Need help?  Let AACRAO’s expert consultants guide you through the process, from beginning to end.

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By: AACRAO Connect