NCAA Division I Transferable Degree Credit Grade-Point Average


The purpose of this document is to provide an explanation of the NCAA term grade-point average (GPA) for transferable degree credit which refers to the GPA calculated using only transferable degree credits. This calculation must be done in order to determine whether or not a student-athlete transferring from a two-year college meets an exception to the academic year in residence requirement in Bylaws, and 14.5.6. This calculation is part of the process of evaluating a transfer prospective student-athlete, even if the institution does not transfer grades with academic credit.

The notion of transferable degree credits can be traced back to the 1963 NCAA Convention. During that convention, the membership first adopted legislation requiring transfer student- athletes to present a certain number of transferable-degree credit hours to be eligible for competition at the certifying institution. The intent was to require student-athletes to take and pass academically substantive coursework at a two-year institution prior to enrollment at an NCAA member institution. In the time since the transferable-degree credit legislation was adopted, the membership has continued to adopt legislation to ensure the academic preparedness of two-year college transfer student-athletes. 

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