National College Completion Rate Rises

According to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (NSCRC), the national college completion rate increased 2.1 percentage points over last year, reports Inside Higher Ed.

The six-year completion rate for students who enrolled in college in 2011 was 56.9 percent. Last year's rate was 54.8 percent, which was up roughly two percentage points from the previous year. That increase followed a two-year decrease in completion rates.

"For the more than 2.27 million students who started college six years ago, the signs of post-recession recovery are clear: adult students shrank as a share of the cohort, four-year public and private nonprofit institutions increased their share of the cohort, and the total completion rate surpassed the pre-recession high," NSCRC Executive Director Doug Shapiro stated.

He added: "In the coming years, demographic changes will overtake economic shifts in their impact on college completion rates, as the number of high school graduates declines and their diversity continues to increase."


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