NACAC Survey Finds "Sales Culture" Concerns in College Admissions

A recent survey by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) found that there are concerns among professionals about a growing "sales culture" in college admissions.

According to a NACAC press release, the "Career Paths for Admission Officers" report found that demographic trends are increasingly creating pressures to meet enrollment and financial goals. The survey also looked at ethnic diversity, finding that the admission and enrollment profession is less representative of the U.S. population than the postsecondary students it serves.  

The report was based on a survey of about 1,500 admission counselors, directors, deans and vice presidents. Other findings included: there is no set path for entering or advancing in the higher education admissions profession; admissions officers' responsibilities are increasingly integrated across other student service areas; key skills for advancing admissions professionals include writing and communication as well as holding a graduate degree; and skill sets related to recruitment of special populations is important to the profession.

The NACAC Career Path Study was the first conducted by the association to be focused on career issues. It included essays by long-time admissions officers such as Bill Fitzsimmons of Harvard University and Greg Roberts of the University of Virginia.


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